Matt Cartwright works to ensure the United States maintains the strongest armed forces in the world and that our servicemembers get the rewards and benefits they deserve when they come home.

Matt Cartwright believes that we need a strong military and intelligence community to protect our nation from the many complex security challenges we face across the globe. He looks forward to a day when all American forces can come home and will work to ensure that every mission in which our troops are deployed is critical  for the national security of the United States. He supports robust funding so our armed forces have the best equipment to keep us safe, and investment in research and development in cutting edge technologies to keep us ahead of emerging threats. Matt also firmly believes we must stand by our commitments to our allies, including NATO and Israel. 

Matt also knows that supporting our servicemembers can’t end once their tours of active duty end. The members of our military served us, and Matt is committed to serving them. Whether it’s housing, health care, or mental health issues, he has them covered. He consistently fights to fund veterans’ programs, increase their benefits, and he has passed legislation that protects veterans from financial scams. In 2018, Matt was named Legislator of the Year by Pennsylvania AMVETS for his advocacy in support of veterans.