Protecting our clean air and water and creating jobs go hand-in-hand. Matt Cartwright believes that we can accomplish both goals by cleaning up northeastern Pennsylvania’s abandoned mine lands and investing in modern, clean energy technologies for a twenty-first century economy.

Northeastern Pennsylvanians take pride in our national and state parks, game lands, and other natural areas. Matt Cartwright is fighting to protect them, along with our clean air and water, so kids and grandkids can enjoy them too.

Matt carries a 96% lifetime voting average with the League of Conservation Voters. He earned this rating because he supports investing in clean energy technologies to combat climate change, finding newer, better uses for older forms of energy production, and making our infrastructure more resilient against intensifying extreme weather events. He’s the leader of bipartisan legislation to clean up toxic acid mine drainage from our rivers and streams.

Matt supports research and development into carbon capture technologies and other ways to remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, and he is leading legislation to ensure natural gas is extracted responsibly in a way that does not contaminate families’ drinking water sources with toxic chemicals.